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Heart of the Champion Jack McAuliffe

Written by JE McAULIFFE
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Jack's Story

The America Dream comes to life; a true rags to riches story in the greatest of times. Beginning from the devastation in Ireland's famine through the demanding dockyards of Brooklyn, three heroes emerge strengthened by obstacles they overcame to become the most famous men in the world. The challenges and stories behind their legend lay bare for a formula for success in becoming Champions.

Uncle Jack World Champion weaves these tales into life lessons for his nephew and all generations to come.


Uncle Jack World Champion
Jack McAuliffe Champion
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Uncle Jack World Champion

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Uncle Jack World Champion

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"The author is devoted to accuracy and the point in history where these events evolved...


 the Irish... came to this country with less than nothing... to migrate from Ireland and created their own lives here...


This is a magnified view of one slice of history and how these men and this family fit into and made history"

April T. Somerset, NJ