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International Boxing Hall of Fame

June 8th and 9th 2019

Michael Moorer

Michael Moorer
Michael Moorer Tux.jpg

Michael Moorer often called, Double M,* was a champion among champions. Moorer began by fighting his way to the WBO, World Boxing Organization’s championship title in the Light heavyweight class in 1988 holding that title until 1991.  He only relinquished the light heavyweight title when he added weight in order to win the WBO Heavyweight championship title the following years of 1992 and 1993.  He continued his domination in the world of boxing by winning heavyweight class titles within the WBA, World Boxing Association beginning in 1994 and the IBF, International Boxing Federation from 1996 to 1997. 

Michael Moorer WBO, WBA, IBF

In an interview at the International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies in 2019, I asked Double M for his advice. “If I were to speak to my nephew about being a champion,” he stated, “I would tell him that you must do the work to become champion.” He continued, “It takes a lot of work and you must install all the work and not just some of it.  When the work is installed the right way and becomes part of you, then you will become champion.”
Great advice from a World Champion, 
*, Michael Moorer, (Born November 12, 1967), Brooklyn, NY, U.S.

Dave Diamamte

Dave Diamamte

During the 2019 International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction weekend, I have the privilege of interviewing David Diamante, Master of Ceremonies and the Ring Announcer known for his golden Dreadlocks and habit of always announcing the contestants’ names twice.  Dave's closeness with many champions gives him a unique insight into their stories and passion that drive their lives into legend.

Dave spoke on being a champion, “A Champion needs to have great character not just inside but outside the ring.  It takes discipline to do the right thing whether people are watching or not.   Not all people have the skill to be a champion in the ring, but they can become champions in life.  Character is a big part of what defines you as a champion.”  

Dave went on to make his point by sharing the story of the world heavyweight champion. “Muhammad Ali’s spiritual understanding and character was to do good works here in this world. He did it to buy his ticket “up there” “Heaven” through his charity work.  That is what a true champion does helping those less fortunate.  In this way we can all become champions by giving back to our communities.”

Dave DiamamteV1.jpg
Dave DiamamteV2.jpg

Colleen “Hunny” McAuliffe and

Dave Diamante

Dave Diamante Ring Announcer @daviddiamonte

Additional Photos from the Event

Additional Photos
Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver.jpg
Kevin McBride Ireland Heavyweight Champi

Kevin McBride Ireland Heavyweight Champion and Colleen “Hunny” McAuliffe

Scott Burt President.jpg

Scott Burt President of the Police Gazette

Ed Brophy Director of the International

Ed Brophy Director of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the Author JE McAuliffe

Colleen “Hunny” McAuliffe and Inductee Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver

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