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About the Author

Above left Author, JE McAuliffe and right President Bob Duffy of the NYS Boxing Hall of Fame

JE (John E.) McAuliffe is the great-grand-nephew of the World Champion fighter Jack McAuliffe, “The Napoleon of the Ring.”  As a living relative, he is the historical Curate and collector of Jack McAuliffe’s scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, articles and photographic representations. JE weaves Uncle Jack’s story from the family’s museum archives and accounts relayed from family members.  “Uncle Jack World Champion” is the authorized biography based on a compilation of the collections and stories JE has amassed.  


Uncle Jack McAuliffe's authorized biography survives in the form of advice he gives to his nephew, JE’s grandfather John E McAuliffe, Sr., as lessons in life to live by for a champion. JE looks forward to detailing these lessons in a management book as a companion to this biography. 


JE McAuliffe graduated with honors holding a Bachelor of Science in dual majors of Economics and Chemistry.  He is the inventor of the Video Story Book; born out of necessity as a teaching aid for his children when they were experiencing challenges in reading. The Video Story Book is a book you read, a story you listen to, and a video you experience. These primary methods of thinking; Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic stimulate the brain offering a richer comprehension of words and their concepts to the reader of the story.  Video Story Books are the perfect tool in the study of international language. 


JE envisions a future where the knowledge of language becomes an invaluable necessity in world communication and cooperation.  


JE McAuliffe lives in Somerset County, New Jersey with his wife, Colleen. 


Media requests please contact the author on 908-433-7231.

Above: President Henry Hascup of the NJS Boxing Hall of Fame center: Author and Great Grandnephew, JE McAuliffe and right: Bob Duffy, President of the NYS Boxing Hall of Fame


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